SIP 20ltr 1400 Valeting Machine

SIP 20ltr 1400 Valeting Machine


Massey Parts | Martin's Garage

  • €250,00
Tax included.

The SIP 20ltr 1400 Valeting Machine is designed for powerful performance across a range of industrial cleaning applications including carpets and upholstery. With a large 20ltr collection tank, this machine requires less emptying for minimal interruption.

This machine is complete with a range of accessories for easier cleaning, including 2 detergent attachments, 2 lightweight tubes, floor brush, crevice tool plus 1.5mtr hose.


  • Large 20ltr collection tank for minimal cleaning interruption
  • 3ltr detergent tank for added cleaning power for stubborn dirt
  • Easy switching between vacuum and detergent modes for versatility
  • Mounted on 2 large wheels and 2 swivel castors for simple mobility
  • 1.5mtr hose, detergent attachments, floor brush and crevice tool

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